Aviation Law

The Firm, in particular founding partner David Haber, has over 25 years legal experience in representing various airlines and aviation related companies. The Firm files FAA liens and chattel mortgages against aircraft and engines, handles lien foreclosures on aircraft and engines, as well as aircraft vendor lawsuits. We have represented airlines, fuel suppliers, catering companies, ground handling, FAA approved flight training facilities, FAA repair stations, aircraft lenders and owners, lessees and other related service companies. We have negotiated the purchase and sale of aircraft and aircraft parts, individually and in bulk, as well as ground handling equipment and flight simulators. The Firm negotiates contracts between airlines and vendors, and has assisted in negotiations with foreign regulatory agencies, the FAA and/or airport authorities (with the assistance of local counsel where appropriate). We have negotiated ground leases at Miami International Airport, represented fuel suppliers who supply Jet fuel all over the world, and we have liened and seized aircraft and engines both in repair shops and on the airport property itself.