Commercial Real Estate Foreclosure Litigation

At Haber Law, a boutique commercial and business law firm in Miami, we offer experienced legal guidance in commercial foreclosure proceedings and related litigation. Our legal services including providing representation in:

Our attorneys have decades of combined experience in real estate law , business law and other relevant areas. Our legal knowledge and financial acumen prove invaluable in protecting clients' rights and interests throughout the course of foreclosure-related litigation.

Commercial Property Mortgage Foreclosures

The process for commercial foreclosure in Florida is complex. It involves numerous statutory requirements and procedural intricacies. Both prosecuting and defending against commercial foreclosures require honed legal skills and knowledge that can only be gained through experience.

As skilled litigators and negotiators, our lawyers are highly accomplished in navigating complex commercial real estate foreclosures. We are also business-savvy and mindful of respecting our clients' resources. Our boutique nature allows us to deliver the sophisticated legal guidance of an established firm as well as the efficient, cost-effective services of a small firm. By combining the best of both worlds, we provide unique value to our clients.

Lien Priority Disputes

When multiple parties have a security interest in the same commercial property, complex disputes can arise regarding which interests take priority. The existence of tax liens can further complicate these determinations. Our firm represents senior and junior mortgagees, lien holders and other parties in high-stakes lien priority litigation.

Lender Liability Litigation

We represent lenders, financial institutions and borrowers in lender liability lawsuits. These claims typically involve allegations of breach of contract, negligence, bad faith or other misconduct on the part of the lender. Significant monetary damages may be at issue. Our attorneys provide strategic representation through all stages of lender liability litigation. We also handle mortgage fraud and validity disputes .

Receiverships, Assignment Of Rent Litigation And UCC-1 Disputes

Receiverships and assignment of rent may be effective legal tools for mitigating the financial fallout from a loan default. Our attorneys assist clients in pursuing these options. We provide detailed guidance on the strict legal requirements for perfecting creditors' security interests by filing UCC-1 filing statements, and we handle any disputes surrounding those security interests. We also advise clients on the availability, process and advantages of exploring passive or active receiverships to preserve or maximize the value of distressed properties. Finally, our legal team also represents businesses and commercial property mortgagors seeking to defend against adverse legal action.

Learn More About Our Commercial Foreclosure Practice

For more information about our commercial foreclosure practice, please contact us online or call 305.379.2400. From our office in Miami, our commercial foreclosure lawyers serve clients throughout South Florida.

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