Mortgage and Lien Foreclosure Law

In Miami, Haber Law, provides experienced guidance for clients navigating complex lien and mortgage foreclosure litigation. We represent property owners, mortgagors, mortgagees, and condominium and homeowners associations throughout South Florida.

We provide valuable legal counsel in:

  • Commercial real estate foreclosure litigation: We handle all aspects of the foreclosure process for commercial property owners, including lien priority disputes, lender liability litigation and receiverships. Our extensive real estate practice enhances the depth and quality of our guidance in this highly nuanced area.
  • Mortgage fraud and forgery: Our legal team represents clients in disputes over the validity of mortgages. We also handle title disputes, quiet title actions and related litigation.

With decades of combined experience, our attorneys have successfully prevailed on behalf of associations in various high-profile, high-stakes foreclosure cases.

Our legal team is well-versed in the intricacies of lien and foreclosure litigation. We excel at developing strong strategies for success.

Foreclosing On Condominiums And Homeowners Association Liens

Condominium and homeowners associations depend on membership dues and assessments to maintain the community, pursue improvements and stabilize property values. Unpaid dues and assessments can drain resources and detrimentally impact the community as a whole.

Fortunately, there are various enforcement and collection tools available to associations. Florida law gives condominium and homeowners associations the right to file a lien against properties for unpaid dues or assessments. The association can foreclose on the lien, forcing sale of the property to secure the funds. Legal fees may also be recovered from the delinquent property owner.

To pursue a lien and foreclosure for past-due assessments, dues or maintenance fees, the association must comply with intricate and detailed legal requirements. When much is at stake, legal counsel is indispensable for ensuring a smooth and seamless process.

An Outstanding Reputation For Excellence

At Haber Law, our attorneys understand the challenges that often arise in lien and foreclosure litigation. We are skilled at recognizing potential problems, avoiding pitfalls and mitigating risks through early intervention and proactive strategies.

Additionally, as a boutique firm, we have earned a solid reputation for exceptional client service. Our lawyers devote personal attention to each case. Clients count on us for responsive, hands-on representation.

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