Professional Negligence Claims

Architects, engineers, contractors and other construction professionals must uphold the reasonable standards of their professions. Clients expect them to fulfill their responsibilities with skill and expertise. Claims of negligence — that is, a failure to act with the same care, skill and knowledge as an average professional under similar conditions — can accompany allegations of sub-par results, contractor errors, construction defects and financial harm.

Professionals in the construction industry depend on their reputations as an integral component of sustaining and growing their practices. Claims of professional negligence can not only jeopardize your reputation, but also undermine your business objectives and threaten your livelihood.

Representing Construction Professionals Throughout South Florida

At Haber Law, in Miami, our lawyers handle professional negligence claims on behalf of architects, engineers, contractors, design professionals and others who earn their living in the construction industry. We possess the skills and experience that are so vital for successfully defending against allegations of professional negligence. Composed of accomplished litigators, our legal team shares a dedication to excellence. We strive to consistently exceed clients' expectations in all we do.

As a boutique firm, we combine efficient, responsive client service with invaluable insights gained through extensive experience in construction law.
Well-Versed In Construction Law | Insight Into The Construction Industry

The legal standards surrounding professional negligence can be complex. Construction law as a whole involves multiple layers of laws and detailed regulations. Our attorneys are well-versed in the nuances of construction law. We maintain high levels of training, keeping up-to-date on the latest legal developments.

Additionally, our experience handling construction cases also lends us insight into the industry. We understand the challenges that contractors and construction companies face on a daily basis. When beneficial, we also draw on the professional opinions of industry experts to develop robust evidence for our clients' positions.

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