Transcript - Our Clients Know the Firm Will Come Up with a Comprehensive Solution

People keep coming back to me, to the firm, to the lawyers at the firm, because they know what they’re getting. They know that they’re getting attorneys who handle complex problems, complex transactions, and they know they’re getting responsive, effective attorneys who not only understand the legal side but also the underlying business issues to help come up with a comprehensive solution.

Taking ownership is something very important, I think. And it’s what distinguishes our firm and some of our peers from the rest of the pack. When you come to a lawyer with an issue, with a dispute, with a complex transaction, David, our firm, the lawyers at our firm would take ownership of it. It becomes our issue, our problem, our goal, and we help push it to the finish line, as opposed to just telling you what you can and can’t do, you can do A, you can do B, and, you know, deal with it.