Transcript - We Help People with Real Problems

You know, when I first got into the practice of law, I started with business litigation, real estate litigation and banking litigation, and I went away on a trip – I actually quit the practice of law for six months and I traveled around the world and I was on an island in Indonesia near Krakatoa and it’s called … Island, and I was trying to explain what I did to a guy from Australia. And I was explaining all this and he said, “So you don’t really help anyone. You take up for corporations.” And I thought about that, and when I came back I decided to take more pro bono work and to volunteer helping people. But I also decided to make sure that my efforts help people. So a lot of the litigation that I do – this complex litigation that I do – for example, this condominium association construction litigation because I’m helping people, large groups of people, where they have a problem with the developer or contractor, and they’re the ones suffering. They’re the ones with leaks in their windows. It’s not just a huge bank and then a huge developer; it’s people that have real problems.