Transcript - We're Problem Solvers and Much More

Our clients and my clients, know that when they retain us we’re standing right next to them. We’re there for them. That’s our job. We’re there to go to battle for them to get what they have as their goal.

One of the great things about our firm and what I enjoy about the people I work with is that there are different styles, and they’re complementary. It really is a team aspect so it’s not a bunch of people all completing or being exactly the same. It’s a collective group of really talented professionals.

People come to us with very difficult and impossible questions, and it’s our job to try to figure out an answer and a solution and a way to come to a resolution, to come up with a creative idea of how to get a positive result. And then we look back on it and say, “Remember when we had that case, when this client came to us and they had an impossible problem and we solved it.” And that’s what we do. We solve impossible problems.

Having been born and raised in Miami with Cuban parents, hablo perfectamente el Español, but there's a certain way to navigate in Miami and that's what precisely does, we navigate them anyway.

Problem-solving is one of the most important aspects of a good lawyer. Lots of people can win or lose a motion, and can write a good piece of paper, but when your client comes to see you, your client is coming to hand you their problem and saying “help me solve the problem. To do that you have to look at the playing field like it’s a jigsaw puzzle. And you have to put all the pieces of the puzzle together or the judge and jury are not going to understand it. So it’s great that you have all the answers in your mind, but you have to communicate to other people.