Transcript - We Treat Our Clients' Problems as if They're Our Own

My father used to remind me of a quote that success is ninety-nine percent perspiration and one percent inspiration. So I’ve always worked hard, and the clients can see it, and the clients see that you care. And we are in a service business. Well, talking about treating your clients’ problems as if they’re your own, which I do, if a client is stressed out at 8 o’clock at night and he texts me then he emails me and then – or she – calls me and says, “I need help,” you can get through to me. Because I understand when a client is in a panic. I understand that time necessity, and I understand that everything moves at light speed in today’s world. When I started practicing law, we would write a letter and then ten days later we’d get a response. We’d look at it, then go out to lunch, and we’d come back and we’d respond to the letter. We’d either write it out or dictate it, someone type it out on a little Selectric IBM typewriter. And today, everything in business and commerce and law is looking like that in a nanosecond, and people want everything immediately. So you have to be committed to finding solutions to those kind of problems, as well, and that requires a time commitment and a commitment to your client.