David Podein — Florida Senate Bill 4D & What it Means for Miami Condo Owners

In this episode of the Miami Real Estate podcast, David Podein, a Partner and chair of the Real Estate and Transactional Law Group at Miami-based Haber Law, sheds color on the Florida Senate Bill 4D and what it means for Miami condo owners.

Florida’s Senate Bill 4D, which was passed in May 2022, and made it mandatory for all Florida condominium and cooperative buildings, three stories or higher, to undergo milestone inspections, structural inspections, and submit specific information to the DBPR. This legislation came as a direct result of the Champlain towers tragedy.

In addition, regarding the funding of reserves for the continued maintenance and repair of condominium and cooperative buildings, among other things, the bill prohibits waiver of reserves by associations for certain structural components.

If you or your clients live in a condominium — or are considering purchasing one. You’ll want to understand how this legislation impacts you.

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