Real Estate and Transactional law

Haber Law’s real estate attorneys have extensive experience in mortgage foreclosure and lien priority litigation, commercial lease litigation and evictions, real estate title insurance claims litigation, slander of title claims, trespass claims and issues relating to environmental liabilities and toxic tort claims. Our real estate lawyers have represented landlords, tenants, real estate purchasers and sellers, as well as banking institutions. We have litigated for our clients’ various real estate-related matters, such as deposits, construction issues, casualty claims and hurricane claims, first party insurance matters, breach of lease and eviction matters, purchase and sale agreements, rescission and specific performance, surveying and title insurance lien priority errors, mortgage priority disputes, construction lien disputes, fraudulent construction liens, and other matters. We represent shopping center and mixed use developers as well as office landlords and tenants, contractors, and residential owners.

Managing and Founding Partner David B. Haber had the distinction of litigating and arguing the issue of equitable subrogation in a fraudulent mortgage scheme case to the Florida Supreme Court in Fishbein v. Palm Beach Savings & Loan Ass’n., the preeminent case in Florida in the last 50 years on the extent that a lender can defeat homestead protection in light of a fraud upon the lender. Mr. Haber is the past Chair of the ABA’s Title Insurance Claims Committee and has represented both title insurers and insureds during his career as a leading real estate attorney Miami. In addition, Mr. Haber represented the lenders in a complicated multi-lender $260 million mortgage foreclosure litigation for the Omni Hotel and Shopping Center Complex in downtown Miami, which was fiercely litigated before it was settled with the borrower.

Partner Roger Slade has over twenty-five (25) years of legal experience representing lenders in mortgage foreclosure litigation, receivership proceedings, priority disputes, rescission and specific performance claims in the purchase and sale of real estate, deposit and broker fee disputes, landlord-tenant disputes and eviction proceedings and other real estate-related litigation as a real estate attorney coral gables.

Transactional – Business and Contracts

Our firm’s business and real estate transactional attorneys represent a diverse group of individuals, businesses, investors, lenders, and entrepreneurs as outside corporate counsel and trusted advisors. Our team is frequently called upon to represent clients through the complete life cycle of their business: from the initial corporate formation and structuring (limited liability company operating agreements, partnership agreements, joint venture and shareholder agreements), during the day-to-day basis with service and vendor agreements, customer disputes, and contract interpretation, and through their expansion via financing, acquisitions, and successful business and asset sales. Partners David Haber, David Podein and Katrina Sosa work with an understanding of the business realities facing the client in order to assist the client in getting the deal done. We have also successfully represented corporations in asset-based lending transactions for their businesses, the sale of businesses, wind downs, liquidations, assignment for the benefit of creditors, and reverse mergers.

David Haber and Katrina Sosa recently represented a food manufacturing company’s majority shareholders in a complex reverse merger multimillion-dollar buy out of the minority owner, inclusive of a non-compete agreement.

Additionally, Haber Law’s business and real estate transactional attorneys represent banks, private lenders, and investors in commercial loan and real estate financing, negotiation and preparation of loan and security agreements, and closing and title insurance.

Transactional – Real Estate

Haber Law’s real estate lawyers concentrate their practice in commercial real estate purchase and sale transactions, real estate financing and lending, commercial leasing, residential closing and title insurance, distressed asset and loan transactions, loan refinancing, development agreements, and related transactions.

Because our real estate law firm Miami litigates real estate and business matters consistently, we know what issues to look out for in the negotiation process of these transactions to avoid problems later, wherever possible—without over-lawyering or killing the deal.

David Podein, a recognized commercial real estate and condominium attorney, regularly represents clients in the negotiation, structuring, and contract documentation of commercial real estate transactions. Mr. Podein’s notable representations have included: (i) lead counsel representing a Florida-based developer in the negotiation and contract documentation of a multimillion-dollar ground lease and construction/development agreement with Wal-Mart as the anchor tenant; (ii) lead counsel representing a real estate private equity company in numerous acquisitions, leasing with tenants, and financing of more than 300,000 square feet of commercial/industrial acquisitions across Florida, California, and Indiana. He has extensive experience, as does Mr. Haber, in negotiating commercial leases, for both office and retail/commercial use. David Podein also represented a seafood business in obtaining a $45 million line of credit for its operations.

David Haber and Katrina Sosa recently represented a food manufacturing company’s majority shareholders in a complex reverse merger multimillion-dollar buy out of the minority owner, inclusive of a non-compete agreement.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Closings – Title Insurance

  • Haber Law handles luxury home and condominium sales, bank loans, refinances, short sales and foreclosures, acquisitions of land, apartment complexes, office buildings, and shopping centers
  • Haber Law handles all aspects of the real estate and loan transactions, including: due diligence and title review, issuance title insurance policies for owners and lenders, contract preparation, condominium and homeowner association specific issues, and closing agent and escrow services
  • Residential Real Estate and Loan Closings are supervised by our real estate closing attorney Miami
  • As a licensed title insurance agent and real estate law firm, we handle all aspects of the title review and issue title insurance policies insuring title to the property for the buyer (owner policy) and lender. We provide these services in association with underwriter Old Republic National Title Insurance Company

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