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What We Do

    • Chapter 558 Construction and Design Defect Claims
    • Hurricane and Other Casualty Loss Claims
    • AAA Construction Industry Arbitrations
    • First Party Claims By Owners or Tenants against Insurers for Casualty Loss
    • Declaratory Relief Actions
    • Developer Turnover Litigation for Construction
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    • General Representation
    • Developer Turnover Accounting and Other Turnover Disputes
    • Mortgage and Lien Foreclosure Law
    • Division of Condominium Arbitrations
    • Insurance claims by the Association for Casualty Loss
    • Federal FHA, ADA and Other Florida State Law Claims
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    • FAA Liens and Chattel Mortgages
    • Lien Foreclosures on Aircraft and Engines
    • Aircraft Vendor Lawsuits
    • Contracts Between Airlines and Vendors
    • Negotiations with Foreign Regulatory Agencies
    • Ground Leases
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    • Breach of Contract Claims
    • Partnership, Shareholder and Joint Venture Disputes
    • International Litigation, Arbitration and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments
    • Fraud, Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Negligence Litigation
    • Non-Competition and Trade Secret Litigation
    • Invasion of Privacy, Slander and Defamation
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    • Real Estate Litigation
    • Real Estate Title Insurance Claims Litigation
    • Mortgage Foreclosure Litigation
    • Landlord-Tenant Disputes and Eviction Proceedings
    • Deposit and Broker Fee Disputes
    • Commercial Lease Litigation and Evictions
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    • Divorce
    • Child Custody
    • Post-Dissolution Matters
    • Modifications and Enforcement Proceedings
    • Child Support Obligations
    • Child Relocations
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