Finding Legal Solutions for Developers + Associations with Real Estate Attorney Alexander Leon

Representing real estate developers and condo associations both come with unique skill sets with the multitude of issues that arise when developing large-scale projects. On The Real Estate Law Podcast, Alexander Leon, an attorney with Haber Law focusing on construction law in South Florida, shares his insights.

With over a decade of experience representing both developers and condo associations, Alex brings a unique perspective on navigating the complexities of real estate development in the Miami area. He shares his thoughts on representing both developers and condo associations, and the particular challenges of the South Florida market. He discusses common issues like construction defect lawsuits after turnover from the developer to the association.

Alex also offers tips for buyers to research the stability of the condo association and any potential building issues. For developers and builders, he explains strategies like contract protections to address defects proactively.

Things discussed in this episode:

  • Common construction defect lawsuits after a developer turns over a property to a condo association
  • The importance of researching the financial stability of a condo association and any potential building issues before buying a unit
  • Strategies developers can take like contract protections to address potential construction defects proactively
  • Differences in real estate law and development challenges between South Florida and other regions
  • Working with both developer and condo association clients
  • Large multi-million dollar construction remediation projects condo associations take on
  • Relationships and local knowledge being important in navigating the development approval process
  • Differences between representing developers versus advising condo boards
  • The role of litigation experience in transactional legal work

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