Haber Law Attorneys Make Their Mental Health a Priority

The Word Is Out on Attorneys’ Mental Health

Numerous headlines in media channels, such as The Wall Street JournalAmerican Bar Association (ABA), The Florida Bar Journal, and Psychology Today, highlight the legal profession’s serious problem with mental health disorders and substance abuse. Studies continue to demonstrate the prevalence of attorneys who are problem-drinkers, suffer from chronic depression and anxiety, or have other psychological issues. Long hours, intense deadlines, complex subject matter, and many times emotionally-taxing cases have exacerbated attorneys’ struggles with their mental health.

Attorneys Take Control of Their Mental Health

Due to our commitment to the health and wellbeing of our practicing attorneys and legal staff, Haber Law focuses on implementing best practices that empower its attorneys and staff to commit to their well-being and promote positive mental health. We understand that in order to continue to be competent in our many practice areas and perform well for our clients, we need to remain mentally and physically healthy. We have extended those best practices to the way we work and our work environment. Here are a few of the corporate wellness benefits that Haber Law has initiated:

  • Enterprise-wide corporate wellness program
  • Weekly massages by a licensed massage therapist
  • Work-from-home opportunities
  • Communal workspaces
  • In-office gym
  • Café
  • Alternative work spaces, including stadium seating area and a living room area

Additionally, art will continue to play a major part in how we engage with each other and our community. We are moving from Downtown Miami into our new Wynwood office this month. Our office will feature murals by notable Miami artists Atomik and HOXXOH, and will be used as a space to showcase local artists as well as other artwork. Follow us on TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook to learn more about our new, modern offices in Wynwood and our health and wellness initiatives.