Liability for Construction Site Accidents in Florida

Liability for Construction Site Accidents in Florida

Construction site accidents are common and can devastate the injured person with ongoing pain, long-term disabilities, and financial issues due to lost wages. Liability for construction site accidents can be complex. 


Factors that Contribute to Construction Site Accidents

Surprisingly, most workplace accidents occur on construction sites. Construction sites are dangerous places with various opportunities for injury. 

Some common construction site liabilities for construction companies include:

  • Falling from elevated heights.
  • Heavy equipment.
  • Falling debris.
  • Chemicals.
  • Fires.
  • Construction vehicle accidents.
  • Explosions.
  • Overexertion.


Common Construction Site Accident Injuries

Some of the more common types of injuries that result from construction site accidents include:

  • Lacerations/cuts/bruises.
  • Paralysis due to head or spinal injury.
  • Severe brain injury.
  • Severed limbs and appendages.
  • Spinal cord injuries.
  • Burns.
  • Fractures and bone breaks.
  • Death.

Many construction site accident injuries are very serious and result in long-term rehabilitation and other consequences. As a result, some employees are out of work for weeks and sometimes even months. During that time, they may fall behind on bills, incur massive medical expenses, and suffer other health issues related to the accident. 


Liability for Construction Site Accidents

When Florida law is involved in determining the liability for construction site accidents, the state looks at a few different things.

Florida determines liability using the following criteria. 

  • The location of the accident.
  • Conditions of the construction site at the time of the accident.
  • Weather conditions.
  • The equipment involved in the accident, maintenance logs, and condition of the equipment.
  • Whether the equipment was being used properly or not. If the employee was properly trained and certified to use the equipment.
  • If management was on site when the accident occurred.

Unfortunately, it’s not always crystal clear who is to blame for workplace accidents. Depending on the circumstances of a construction site accident, the employer, a third party, or the employee may be held responsible. Whether the employee can seek workers’ compensation or other benefits will depend on who is liable. Some commonly responsible parties may include:

  • Construction site managers or foreman.
  • Safety managers.
  • Architects.
  • Contractors and subcontractors.
  • Engineers.
  • Construction site owners.
  • Manufacturers, vendors, and suppliers for machinery and equipment. 

In some cases, when an employee is injured in a construction site accident, he or she may have the right to proceed legally for compensation, and they may have a case against more than one party.


Have You Been Injured in a Construction Site Accident?

If you or someone you know was involved in a construction site accident, contact Haber Law for help. These situations can often be complex, and we can help determine liability to get you the benefits you deserve.