Navigating Condo Purchases + Due Diligence with Miami Real Estate Attorney David Podein

As one of the top experts on condominium and HOA law in Miami, David Podein gives an insider’s view into the booming yet complex high-end real estate market down in Miami. He provides his insights into the booming Miami real estate market, noting sky-high demand for luxury single-family homes and condos. David also shares valuable lessons for both buyers and investors on navigating condo purchases and what to look out for in your due diligence.
Things we discussed in this episode:
  • David Podein’s work as a real estate attorney from Miami who focuses on condo/HOA law.
  • Miami’s high-end single-family home and condo markets are booming with demand.
  • How the middle market is “frozen” due to skyrocketing prices and interest rates.
  • Why condo buyers need to thoroughly review governing documents and rules.
  • How financial records should show if a building is properly funding reserves.
  • Why buyers should investigate a building’s age and upcoming capital projects.
  • Larger condo associations have more professional financial management.
  • How commercial office and retail spaces may be converted to residential uses.
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