Six Reasons Why Homeowners Associations Need to Hire Lawyers

Covenant communities with shared amenities and common spaces are great places to live if you want maintenance-free living. Unit owners and members of the board make decisions for the group. However, as with most things in life, sometimes difficult situations occur, and a homeowners’ association needs to have legal counsel.


How an HOA Attorney Can Protect You

For starters, homeowners’ associations exist to maintain property values, uphold rules regarding the safety and security of all members, and ensure that common dues are paid timely.

To ensure compliance with the rules, unit owners must sign governing documents when purchasing an HOA unit. Often these are called condo bylaws. These documents are designed to protect the homeowner’s association and each individual owner. They also ensure that construction, additions, or changes meet structural codes.


Drafting Documentation

One important task that an HOA lawyer can help with is drafting condo documentation and agreements. When dealing with multiple owners, you want to ensure compliance and clearly spelled out provisions so that everyone can follow the rules and understand them easily.



A good HOA attorney can help collect unpaid assessments or condo fees. Florida requires that homeowners’ associations take specific steps to mitigate financial issues with homeowners. Therefore, it can help to have a legal representative follow these steps to ensure compliance and the best possible outcome for everyone.


Legal Interpretation & Enforcement

Sometimes laws can be confusing, and it helps to consult with an HOA lawyer who can help make sense of the rules. Additionally, sometimes a homeowners association requires help enforcing laws. Again, an HOA attorney can help with that too.


Legal Advice

There are dozens of situations that can occur with many people living within a community. The homeowners’ association or board could consult with legal counsel for help making decisions or exploring options. 


Dispute Resolution

People living in a community do not always agree on what is best. An HOA attorney can help buffer between the two parties to find a peaceable resolution or, if necessary, take legal action to facilitate a solution. 


Litigation or Mediation

If something comes up that requires more serious attention, legal help can also provide mediation or litigation services to take things to the next level and get the results you need. 

These are just a few of the ways a law firm can help a homeowners’ association. 


How to Find Legal Help for Your HOA

If your homeowners’ association requires legal assistance in Florida, contact Haber Law today to see how we can help. We are experienced in all areas of HOA and real estate law.