The Most Common Residential Construction Disputes

Residential construction is booming right now. However, not all jobs come without some issues. Some construction disputes are legitimate, but not all of them are. It’s essential to have a construction lawyer representing you if you experience a situation with an unhappy customer.

Some of the most common residential construction disputes are:


Poor Work Quality

Ultimately your client must determine if they are happy or unhappy with the quality of the work you performed. If you use subs on the job, be sure you monitor their work to ensure quality throughout. 



Contract Errors 

Be sure the contract you use for each job is comprehensive and includes every contingency. Unfortunately, contract disputes are extremely common in construction jobs. Either you or your client fails to honor the contract, or something that should have been included is omitted.



Failure to Clean Up After the Job

After finishing any construction project, it’s essential to clean up thoroughly. Leaving a big mess can leave your client with a bad impression, and they could go online and leave you bad reviews hurting your reputation and your business.



Project Over Budget

Inflation is a fact of life, but if, during a project, prices go way up and you must charge more than you originally budgeted, your client could have a problem with it and refuse to pay. 



Failure to Complete the Job

If, for any reason, you fail to complete the job or meet your client’s expectations, they may take legal action against you. In this case, you should have a construction attorney well-versed in construction law at your side to protect your interests.



Payment Disputes

Payment disputes are another widespread problem with residential construction jobs. Either the client refuses to pay or doesn’t pay on time according to the contract. Some customers may think it’s okay to withhold payment regardless of the agreement, but you have legal rights to the money you were promised.



Damage to the Property

If, during the construction job, you or any of your people damaged anything, you could be held liable. Contact your construction lawyer for help fighting these cases.




Miscommunication can cause many different types of issues. For example, if the client agreed to X and you agreed to Y, you will never see eye to eye. That is why an ironclad construction contract is critical to have in place before beginning any work. 




Delays are typical with construction, but that doesn’t mean your client will be okay with them. The longer the job goes on unfinished, the angrier the client. Even if the delays are unavoidable, handling them with care is essential, so everyone is happy at the end of the job.



Where to Turn for Help

Contact Haber Law for help with any type of construction dispute. We have many years of experience helping clients in the construction and real estate industries.