What Does a Construction Lawyer Do, and When Do I Need One?

Regardless of the size of the construction project, problems can arise and quickly complicate things. It’s essential to rely on a trusted construction lawyer to ensure that the process is smooth all the way to the finish. 


What Does a Construction Lawyer Do?

Construction attorneys are experienced in all facets of construction law and help construction workers, property owners, businesses, large companies, and contractors with a wide variety of concerns.

Often during a construction project, issues may arise with payments, the quality of workmanship, and other types of contract disputes that require action. A construction lawyer can help diffuse tensions, resolve issues, and take legal action on behalf of their clients to resolve these issues.

Not only can a construction attorney help you resolve issues, but they can also help prevent them by drafting a construction agreement that protects your interests.


When Do You Need a Construction Attorney?

Depending on the situation, when you will need a construction attorney may vary. Consider some of the scenarios below to gauge where you are in your situation and whether you need to consult with an experienced construction lawyer. 

  • Drafting a construction agreement and including language that protects you from risk or liability.
  • Filing a mechanics lien to ensure payment for your work.
  • Proceeding with a lien foreclosure if you have not gotten paid and need to take legal action.
  • Taking things to small claims court if you cannot come to an agreement out of court.
  • Filing a defective construction claim.
  • Filing bankruptcy for a construction project that lost money.
  • Helping with a construction job site injury (workers’ compensation).
  • Drafting and mailing a demand letter to one or more parties involved in the job.
  • Filing a lawsuit if all else fails.

Some quick guidelines to help you decide if you need a lawyer are:

  • If you have to go to court, you should have a lawyer by your side.
  • If you have to respond to or file a lien, bond, or deal with another type of payment dispute, it can help to have a lawyer help guide you through the process to get paid.
  • If you didn’t author the construction contract, you should have a trusted construction attorney look it over. They will know how Florida construction law works and point out any red flags.
  • If you experience any contract disputes during the project, it can be helpful to call on your lawyer for help.
  • If you are being sued or need to file a lawsuit.
  • If you are injured on a construction job site.
  • If you need to file for bankruptcy.

Be sure to document everything. Try to negotiate directly with the other parties first, and then contact your construction attorney for help.


Where to Turn for Help

If you experience any type of issue regarding a construction job or agreement, contact Haber Law for help. We offer free consultations and are highly experienced in all types of construction law issues.