10 Signs That You Have a Time-Sharing Problem

Time-sharing during a divorce can be easy if you have two cooperative parents dedicated to reasonable co-parenting. It can also be really hard when one or both parties refuses to collaborate. When there is a lack of mutual effort, or any conflict, guess who suffers? That’s right, the children. Your children.


Sometimes it’s hard to know when you are heading towards a problem. Here are ten things to look for which may mean its time to call your lawyer:

  1. The children or your former spouse are routinely late for pick up and drop-off.
  2. Your former spouse regularly changes the agreed upon pick up and drop off location.
  3. Your former spouse insists that you pick up and drop off the children when your Marital Settlement Agreement may say that it is their responsibility.
  4. Your former spouse attempts to control who the emergency school contacts are (other than you and your spouse).
  5. Your former spouse refuses to allow the children to be picked up by anyone other than you.
  6. Your former spouse tries  to dictate who can be with the children when you are not there.
  7. Your former spouse unilaterally changes the time-sharing schedule.
  8. Your former spouse fails to pick up the children during regular time-sharing.
  9. Your former spouse ignores your emails, phone calls or communications on Talking Parents or on Our Family Wizard.
  10. Your former spouse ignores the children’s agreed upon extracurricular  activities during their time sharing.


These are but just a few examples. When these problems occur, you should make every effort to resolve these issues yourself and document your attempts in writing. However, if these efforts fail, it may be time to call the lawyer. Once a problem starts, it rarely gets better on its own.  To learn more, contact me at rslade@haber.com.


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